covid-19 attendance policy

Requirements and Expectations for In-Person Worship Service

Below are a list of standards that the leadership of Big Tree Wesleyan Church have laid out in preparation for in-person Sunday worship services during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is to be understood that the following expectations be met by all whom wish to attend worship services until otherwise changed or redacted. 

Unity in these expectations, though they may be frustrating, are essential to ensuring that we progress safely and wisely toward “normal” services.

Remember these expectations are temporary, and our minor discomfort now will make our eventual celebration all the greater. Further, consider our church friends and family who are not yet able to attend service in-person: our precautions represent solidarity with them.


In an attempt to limit the spread of germs and lessen the amount of work for our weekly cleaning staff, we will be initiating the following protocols to be followed by all in attendance:

1.) The front entrance to the church will be the only entrance/exit utilized .

2.) Upon arriving to the church,  please wait for the door to be opened by one of our greeters.

3.) Please make your way to your seat(s) promptly .

4.) Be mindful and aware of other people’s space .


In following state regulations, masks are strongly recommended to be worn by all in attendance. Please wear a mask until you find your seat in service, and during the music portion of service. Feel free to remove or keep it on during the sermon portion of service.


We know how much we want to embrace one another with hugs and handshakes after being apart for so long, but it is necessary that we exercise discipline and limit our physical interactions with one another. For the time being, please just enjoy being in the presence of your brothers and sisters while you worship.


In following state regulations, all in attendance will be expected to adhere to the social distancing practice to stay 6 feet apart from others in attendance . The church chairs will be separated to meet this need, but your attention to this detail is expected when entering and leaving the church premises.


Nursery services are available during our Sunday worship service! We ask that children be escorted to and from the nursery by a parent or guardian and do not roam freely around the church before, during, or after service. We understand this may be an inconvenience to you, but this temporary measure is necessary to limit the spaces used on Sundays and the spread of germs.  


Certain aspects of our worship service will be temporarily different until otherwise stated by leadership. All in attendance are expected to understand these changes and adapt accordingly:

1.) All connection cards, pens, bibles, and hymnals will be removed from the chairs. Please feel free to fill out an electronic connection card before or after service at

2.) Plates for tithes and offerings will not be passed around during service. You may place any tithes and offerings you may have in the baskets located at the back of the sanctuary. Or, consider giving online.

3.) Altar call will still take place, but please remain in your assigned seating area during the altar call time . Doing so not only limits the spread of germs, but demonstrates solidarity with your brothers and sisters who are not able to attend in-person at this time.

4.) Be mindful of the importance of maintaining our live stream service. Priority will be given to ensure the sound and video for our online service is working properly . This might mean a minor delay in the start time of service.


Under normal conditions, lingering after service would be expected and encouraged, but we ask that you make your way toward the exit promptly and with consideration for others in attendance.