What is “Faith Promise” Giving?

“How much can I trust God to give through me?”

Did you know missionaries rely on our financial support? At Big Tree, we have a long history of going above and beyond to support missionaries who we believe God has called to spread the gospel all over the world and in our local community. 

Faith-promise giving means looking to God and asking: “how much can I trust God to give through me?” The power of the Lord working through willing partners is the key. Faith-promise giving is believing that God’s resources are unlimited and that he wants to give toward this global project through God’s children.

Faith-promise is not a replacement for our weekly tithes and offerings, but is an additional faith-based giving that we offer to missionaries above our weekly tithe.

Every church year we have a new mission statement that directs and encourages us in our giving, and then people decide for themselves what they will “promise” by “faith” to give toward this goal. 

Faith-promise gifts are divided and given monthly to the following missionaries/ministries: